Monday, December 24, 2007

Ro-Gun Robots


Name of Toy Line: Ro-Gun Robots
Production Company: Arco
Distributor: Grand Toys/Jouets Grand


Years of Production: 1984
Countries/Regions Available: Canada
Size/Scale: 1.5"
Figure Trade Markings: Hong Kong
Approximate # of Figures: 18

Details: These strange little robots turn up from time to time in MUSCLE auctions and it appears that they are actually an obscure part of the GoBots line. Some 'Arco-bots' were produced under the GoBots banner others were released direct by Arco like these. The main feature of this part of the GoBots line was the fact that they transformed in to guns with the odd pair of binoculars or boat thrown in for good measure.

6 different sculpts were available in this small line of mini Ro-Gun Robots, each available in three colors, dull red, dull blue and black:


While these figures have a fairish amount of detail they don't have much in the way of character due to the lack of facial expressions and the stiff 'arms out' poses they all have.



These figures were sold in packs of 40 (I know, 40!) which I would imagine hindered the collectability factor somewhat. In my case, one pack was practically two full sets of each sculpt in each color with some to spare after that!


For all their faults these little robots still have a certain endearing quality and if they are the GoBots answer to Transformers Decoys they haven't done too badly.



Newt said...

Interesting to learn some more about these guys. One of my local pizza parlors had these robots in the gumball machines. So I built my army of them, one figure at a time for .25 cents.

Jake Roberts said...

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wendyw said...

I have a painted version of that one in the last photo. I'm not sure where I picked it up from. I either got it here in the UK or on holiday in Spain. I've had it for years, but this is the first time I've seen another one.

Ken Masterson said...

I found a bunch of these Ro-Gun robots at a nearby Goodwill, $1.49 for a bag of 10. It took a while to find out what they were called. Thanks to this review I know now. I had these guys back when I was in junior high, around 1986. I have them on a shelf now.

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