Monday, September 6, 2010


Detachable Head Unit

Alternative Head

Articulated at the head, shoulders, and waist

Delightfully MUSCLE-esque

Toy Line: Tankhead

Sculpt Name: Tankhead

Color: Peach (flesh)

Collector's Note: Tankhead was created by Jesse DeStasio. Via his website:

Jesse DeStasio is a multimedia artist living and working in NYC.

One time at Mystic Seaport a stingray tried to jump out of the petting tank and both gill holes on either side of the beast's underbelly were moving and it looked like it was talking. Jesse took that to mean the stingray was his guardian spirit animal like in Native American lore.

*He also makes a killer banana bread!

**He's also lactose intolerant!

Jesse has created many other interesting and unique toys. Be sure to check out his website:

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