Sunday, February 6, 2011


Japanese Keshi - Click to Enlarge

Western Keshi - Click to Enlarge

Collector's Note: In Japan, non-articulated, mono-colored, mini-figures are known as keshigomu or keshi. Keshi means eraser/gum and refers to the rubbery material of which many early keshi were made. There are many toy lines made in this same style in Europe, Australia, North and South America, however there is no Western term -- like keshi -- to refer to this special subclass of mini-figure. We here at Toypedia think it deserves one!

What term do you prefer? Let us know!

Update: Here's a few of the terms currently being used around the interwebs:

1) Mono-Colored Mini-figures/Mini-figs (Monocolored Minifigures/Minifigs)
2) Monochromatic Minifigures/Minifigs
3) Mono-Minis
4) Mini-Monos
5) Monos
6) Monofigs
7) Western Keshi

And a few of the terms offered so far:

1) Rubbies (Via El Gran Don Cocor)
2) Weshi (Western Keshi)
3) Nishi (West in Japanese via nanoFatato)
4) Einfarbige Minifiguren (German for Monochromatic Minifigures via Leviathan)

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