Thursday, March 24, 2011



Toy Line: WWE Jakks Half Pints

Sculpt Name: Hulk Hogan

Color: Flesh (unpainted)

Collector's Note: Early attempt to hit the 'minifigures' market by Jakks Pacific, the entire line consist of 4 painted figures. Sold in 2002 in two blister pack (Angle vs Hogan and Undertaker vs Triple H) as well as in a board game called "WWE Undisputed Board Game" with a little ring. The photo portraits an unpainted figure, from a complete set bought several years ago from HK.


Soupie said...

Ah, the immortal Hulk Hogan! That is actually a great likeness of him and a fun sculpt! Very nice.

Me wonders what it would look like next to a MUSCLE figure?

nanoFatato said...

Ask and you shall receive:

Sorry for the so-so pic but I take it with my cellphone this morning :)
I like this set of figures, I like the color even more, they are made of a stiffier kind of plastic than the MUSCLE.

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