Monday, April 4, 2011


Toy Line: Unknown

Sculpt Names: Mr. Mophead & Mr. Egg-head

Color: Magenta, Blue, and possible Green

Collector's Note: A Toypedia reader contacted me recently wondering if I had any info about the above figures. He reports that the figures were acquired in the 80's, and at the time, he was told they were vintage, meaning they are possibly from the 60's, 70's, or later. Whatever and whenever they are from, they are certainly cool, and fit in perfectly here at Toypedia. We'd love to learn more about these awesome guys!

If you know anything about these figures, please drop us a line.

Update: spastik4plastik says:
"The mophead guy is named DWAK; he was a 60s character that was normally a larger vinyl figure covered in fur and holding a sign (like make love, not war or other campy, hippy stuff). They came in at least blue, light blue, magenta, red, green and possibly/probably pale yellow.

The other one is based on a humpty dumpty figure."

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Anonymous said...

These are circa 1960's and came in gum machines. The cards shown are the insert cards that would be in the front of the machine to show you what prize you would hopefully receive.

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