Friday, April 29, 2011


Gegege and Bad Bad Ball

Toy Line: Gegege No Kitaro & Bad Bad Ball

Sculpt Names: Gegege: Abura Sumashi & Bad Bad Ball: Pain Toad (?)

Color: Gray, white, and Light Purple

Collector's Note: The Gegege No Kitaro figure definitely has a name, I just don't know it. Thanks to nanoFatato for info regarding the Gegege No Kitaro figure. Check out the comments below for more info about this character.

As for the Triple B, it doesn't have an official name so far as I know, but I affectionately call this particular sculpt Toadeye. As you can see in the Toypedia BBB entry, Toadeye seems to be based on the Sad Ball Pain Toad.

And special thanks to occasional Toypedia contributor Eric Nilla for hooking me up with a set of Bad Bad, er, Balls! Thanks mate!


nanoFatato said...

Love it Soupie,
the Yokai's name is Abura Sumashi, a creature who inhabits the mountain's footpath of Kusazumigoe.
There isn't much information about this spirit, some believes that is a person who stolen oil's lamp back in time when oil (made from fishes) was very valuable.
He appears with a swish of leaves frightening who cross his path.
By the way, does it glows?

Soupie said...

Thanks for the info. Very cool back story. It makes the figure even cooler.

Yes, it does glow in the dark. The white gitd material is soft and rubbery and the gray outer shell is hard plastic.

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