Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bazaar Items

Toy Line: Unknown

Location: Yahoo! Japan

Vendor: Masa6415392

Auction Number: r75981770

Collector's Note: Google translates the Japanese description as "Terra de Chie The gravel" and "Duel of the pond gourd." So I've got no idea what all that means. There are a few other sculpts that must be from the same line on YJP right now, as well. A few of them seem to indicate that this is some type of Yakuza (Gangster) Cat keshi toy line, probably based on a Manga or Anime.

It's a pretty interesting, detailed sculpt although I'm not sure what to make of the details, er, down below...


Brothermidnight said...

That is a Tanuki .I need to add this to my Tanuki collection.

nicodemus said...


Perhaps a little TOO detailed?

Soupie said...

Don't you mean a little "too-nuki" detailed... :groan:

Anonymous said...

Tanuki's usually carry a gourd to act as their wine bottle. Some a tanuki's prominent testes are also refered to as 'gourds'.

The last aspect tends to get American puritans in a dizzy but watching an excellent movie like 'Pom Poko' will convince anyone that sometimes testes, just like breasts, are not sexual objects at all but cool weapons!

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