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Toy Line: Unknown

Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Trademarkings: China

Collector's Note: These figures have been posted from time in the LittleRubberGuys Toy Identification forum.

They come in at least four (4) colors, are made of hard plastic, and are trademarked "China." There appear to be at least ten (10) unique sculpts.

The Yellow, Blue, and Green figures above were spotted on eBay being sold by eBay user wheniwasyoung_comix_and_toys. This user identifies their location as Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Perhaps these figures originate in Canada?

The Red figures and image belong to an LRG member called fkro6784. He notes that he purchased the figures "in an eBay auction many years ago."

If you have any info regarding this toyline, please let us know! They are very reminiscent of the Horrors N Heroes line which was just recently identified after many years of searching. You can follow the most recent LRG discussion of these figures.


Brothermidnight said...

The one I have had a hard clear candy stuck to it in random places and I thought it looked like it had once been encased completely in candy like in a large sucker or something like that.

Soupie said...

Interesting... What size are these guys? Just realized I don't know. Pretty small if it was encased in candy, I'd guess.

Brothermidnight said...

its just a little smaller than a battle beast ,Ill try to get some comparison pics for scale.If they did come encased in candy then it was a really large lollipop or what ever, I just cant figure out how the candy got on it the way it was if it wasn't completely covered in it to start with.

Frank said...

Mine (the dark red ones pictured) are about the size of a MUSCLE or MIMP. They don't have any traces of candy on them, but I suppose they could have been cleaned by whoever originally owned them.

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