Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Toy Line: Egyxos

Sculpt Name: Super Horus

Color: Gold with minor black paint apps

Collector's Note: One of the good guys, here in his gold variant. His eyes have the power to transform in a sand statue every human being!


Soupie said...

Okay, I've officially got to get my hands on some of these! (Love the new background too!)

nanoFatato said...

I'd be happy to ship some figures to you!
I'm still completing this collection, so I have a bunch of doubles, let me know ^__^

Oli-kun said...

Where did you get these?!

i cant find them on google nor Ebay.

im looking to buy some :S

nanoFatato said...

Hi Oli, sorry for the late response.
They're a toyline sold in Italy, I can't find it on eBay myself, probably they haven't a wide/large distribution.

They are sold in magazine stands!

Oli-kun said...

No problem :)

are you selling some of them?
i would like all gold and all silver ones =)
if you have doubles of those it would make my day! thx bro

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