Thursday, August 4, 2011

/Tɔy·pē·di·ârt/: Eric Nilla Custom Claw

Artist: Eric Nilla

Medium: Clay

Name of Piece: New Deka Sunigeta~!

About: Eric recently posted this amazing MUSCLE/Kinnikuman inspired piece at the LRG forums. He shared that he had been working on this piece for over a year and has just completed it. He plans on molding and casting the sculpt in Purple, Flesh, Green and possibly Orange resins. He'll start with Flesh and Purple colors. Check out his LRG topic for more info!

I'll be sure to update with new pics when his first casts are finished!

Update: The casting process is in full swing. Casts have been made in red, green, blue, purple, MUSCLE flesh, and translucent red, as seen above. (Note the MUSCLE figgy trapped in side! :O ) We all know Eric is a talented sombitch, but he's out done himself this time. He's currently got me wavering on my minifig-only toy purchasing rule, haha. By sure to check out the LRG topic linked to above for purchasing information.


Bubbashelby said...

This was always my favorite MUSCLE - wish I had held on to him!

nanoFatato said...

I saw this beauty the other day at LRG, I must say I'm really impressed!

Beautiful piece of work here Eric, a perfect entry for /Tɔy·pē·di·ârt/ ^__^

Ericnilla said...

Cool Soups, i didn't even think of post him here. :) started molding him today.

nanoFatato said...

Three or four levels above 'awesome'.

Kaizar said...

Nice job!!!

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