Monday, July 25, 2011

Bazaar Items

Toy Line: Mazinger

Location: Yahoo! Japan

Vendor: Kent69925

Auction Number: n70513857

Collector's Note: The seller says this set was made in 1974 by Poppy.


nanoFatato said...

1974 - 2011 with a crystal clear bubble, wow!

nuno mata said...

but how do you find these treasures?

Soupie said...

If you're ever in Japan, there is a chain of shops called Mandarake that sell keshigomu. There are other stores as well, but Mandarake are the biggest. Otherwise, you can find them on Yahoo! Japan but have to use a third party as many Japanese sellers don't ship overseas. You can also find them on ebay, and all of the toy forums I have links to over on the sidebar. Hope that helps!

Nuno Mata said...

Thanks. you have interest in Portuguese monocromatic figures? If so, i can see if i can find!

Soupie said...

Absolutely, especially anything having to do with He-Man, Star Wars, and other 1980's movies and/or TV shows.

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