Thursday, July 7, 2011






Toy Line: Unknown

Sculpt Name: Unknown

Color: Brown

Collector's Note: This is one of the most infamous UMF floating around the minifig world. And a collector by the name of Meatcutter has a knack for finding them! I acquired this one from him, but I'm not sure where he got it from. It's only markings appear to be "Hong Kong" on the back of one of his ears. He's about 2" tall and is made of a hard plastic.

While he resembles Gizmo from the movies Gremlins, it does not appear to be a true sculpt from that franchise; although it might be an inspired bootleg. A well sculpted one at that.

As far as I know, no other figures that might be from the same toy line have been found, potentially making this a "stand alone" figure. Could it be some kind of companion/accessory piece? Also adding to the case for this being an accessory figure is the fact that all the pieces found so far have been brown like the one pictured above.

In any case, it's a very cool figure. One of my favorites. The mystery surrounding it enhances its appeal as well.


Kaizar said...

This looks like a creature from the woods, a small companion/protector of trees.

Cool figure.

Devlin Thompson said...

For what it's worth, I've got one sealed in a cellophane bag with a card i, used as a sample of a machine used for packaging things in such cello bags. There was another identical bag with a cheap spider ring instead. The card's design suggested late '80s to mid-'90s origin, so I suspect that a closer examination might reveal a "China" mark in place of the "Hong Kong" one. I would have found mine in the late '90s at a thrift store. I'd check it, but it's not readily accessible at present.

Johnny said...

Just a note. Gizmo had 3 fingers and 3 toes. So yes, it looks like Gizmo, but likely isn't.

Soupie said...

At least not an "official" one. Its possible whoever sculpted this figure had never seen the real Gizmo character, but I doubt it.

nanoFatato said...

Today I'm in the 'Gizmo-like minifigure' club finally, mine has "made in hong kong" embossed on the right ear too.
It's a pretty little sculpt I must say :)

Soupie said...

Yeah, if it is an original sculpt and not a bootleg, its pretty impressive!

And certain people seem to have a nack for finding this figure haha. I wish we could pin-point where theyre coming from.

Camel said...

I had one when i was a kid, mid 90s i guess, my friend gave it to me, and i later saw one in a bubble machine. I lost it along the way and always kind of wanted another one.

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