Sunday, July 17, 2011

Iwako Figabulary

Alf & Rowlf

Toy Line: Iwako Zoo Animals

Sculpt Name: Giraffe

Color: Teal Blue & Brown

Collector's Note: Iwako erasers have been on my radar for several months now since I found a Samurai figure back in February 2011. I was lucky to stumble upon a cool toy store called Kid's Ketch in Lewes Delaware last week that carried an amazing assortment of toys, including Japanese erasers. I picked up this Giraffe (love the color scheme) and a few others. I'll post a full Iwako entry here at Toypedia someday. :)

The Giraffe is considered a "puzzle eraser" and is made of multiple parts. The tag line on the packaging header card states: It's put in!


nanoFatato said...

I would love to have a pet like this...

Kaizar said...

Man, that's cute.

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