Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gormiti Figabulary

Gormiti Luxion

Toy Line: Gormiti Luxion

Sculpt Name: Cactus (Tribe of Forest)

Color: GITD Green, Green, Brown, Yellow

Collector's Note: New series of Gormiti, where 29 of 34 characters glows in the dark!


Brothermidnight said...

I hope that I can find these! making them all glow in the dark is a great way to insure they get my wallet open...to bad the last time I saw Gormiti's in a store it was wave one in the clearance isle at walmart.

Kaizar said...

It'll take me years to find one of those =(

Amazing piece.

Soupie said...

Awesome pic!

Nuno Mata said...

Its funny...i have the first 5 series of gormiti and the monsters continue to be great...its almost impossible to follow all the characters and collection now but they are really great!!!

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