Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toxic Crusaders Figabulary

Toxic Crusaders

Toy Line: Toxic Crusaders (Non-Yolanda)

Sculpt Name: Headbanger

Color: Gray

Collector's Note: There appear to be two mono mini figure Toxic Crusader toy lines. One seems to be made by Yolanda, and the other, well, not made by Yolanda. This figure is from the non-Yolanda toy line.


Nathan said...

Weird. That looks just like the Playmates figure. I wonder if they just bootlegged this figure from that sculpt.

Soupie said...

Without knowing what the Playmates figure looked like, I wondered the same due to the lack of sharpness with the sculpt details, and the extensive flashing. Check out the other non-Yolanda TC mini figure I posted and see if that looks just like its Playmate counter part. You can see it by clicking on the TC label.

WolverineBurger said...

I've got a couple different TC figs that must be from this same line, they also look just like the Playmates toys. Have to dig them up...

Nathan said...

Here's the Playmates figure of Headbanger. It's not a great comparison shot because the accessories get in the way, but you can tell it's probably the same sculpt.

And here's the Playmates Nozone and Toxie figures, which look totally different than the non-Yolanda figures.

Maybe the non-Yolanda figures were official Toxie merchandise, whereas the Yolanda ones were boots?

Soupie said...

Sorry, I wasn't very clear.

The Nozone is actually a Yolanda figure. The Toxie is a non-Yolanda figure. I'll have to take a closer look, but is it possible that putting the Playmate Toxie in the right pose would allow it look like the non-Yolanda Toxie?

Anyhow, it's a good theory and we'll have to see more non-Yolanda minis so we can compare them.

Soupie said...

Okay, took a closer look at the Non-Yolanda mini Toxie and the Playmates Toxie. And just like the Headbanger, I think the mini is a smaller boot version of the Playmates original.

The give away is Toxie's left hand.

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