Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dragon Universe Figabulary

Dragon Universe

Toy Line: Dragon Universe

Sculpt Name: Trooper Spurius (Blue), Captain Ignatius (Red), Trooper Evodius (Green)

Color: Blue, Red, Green, Metallized Dark Gray, Metallized Blue, Metallized Green, Metallized Gold.

Collector's Note: New IP from Mega Bloks, that expands its world where dragons walk. The characters are in the same scale as the HALO or Marvel figures from the same company (2'' tall) and shares the same construct and articulations but all the body parts and weapons are brand new sculpts obviously.
Here is a comparison image to get a better look at the scale of the figures.


Nathan said...

Those guys are pretty awesome. Are they to-scale with Glyos figures? It sounds like they might be a little too small.

nanoFatato said...

Smaller than Glyos for sure, I don't own any figure to make a comparison though, I can post an image with a MUSCLE later!

nanoFatato said...

Updated the entry with a comparison pic!

Nathan said...

Thanks! :) Those are pretty cool for their size. Lots of articulation, too.

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