Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unidentified Figure Foto

Toy Line: Unknown

Sculpt Name: Unknown

Color: Light Blue

Collector's Note: I received this figure from nano Fatato, so he may know what it is. Its style is reminiscent of a Dragon Ball keshigomu.


nanoFatato said...

Not a clue..!
You're right, it has definitely a Dragonball vibe.. Any markings?

Brothermidnight said...

this is very familiar to me..Im going to do some digging around and see if I can place it.

Soupie said...

The only markings I could see were some Kanji.

Let us know if you find anything, BM.

NMarte said...

Koguma no Misha cartoons, from the 80's?? It looks like one of the characters

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