Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clawshine Figure Foto

Toy Line: Custom/Independent

Sculpt Name: Clawshine

About: This figure is the result of a collaboration between sculptor Jason Frailey and toy maker Marty Hanson (also known as The Godbeast). Jason sculpted the figure, and Marty produced it.

The sculpt is a combination of two popular MUSCLE/Kinnikuman characters that Western collectors refer to as the Claw and Sunshine; combine the two characters, and you get Clawshine!

The  craftmanship of the piece is superb. The sculpt is incredibly detailed and well-proportioned. The scale is the same as MUSCLE and Kinnikuman figures, which is approximately 2".

Marty produces his figures in a hard, high quality resin that captures all the details of the master piece. There are no pressure bubbles nor flashing.

Look for a full MXD entry devouted to Marty's work sometime in the future.

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