Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dragon Ball Mxd Media

Property: Dragon Ball

Medium: Magazine

About: These are two pages from an issue of Comp-Rex, a keshi-focused toy magazine published by the famous Japanese collectibles vendor Mandarake.

The issue these pages come from was dedicated entirely to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z keshigomu. The quality and variety of Dragon Ball keshi is comparable to the range of Kinnikuman keshi.

The main reason I chose to feature these two pages is the series which spans both pages. It is a keshi line that includes fun little accessory vehicles and buildings! The depth and variety of Japanese keshi toy lines never cease to amaze me. It truly is one of the greatest toy genres to collect and admire.


Ericnilla said...

oh~! i have a small keshi of that yellow and blue motorcycle thingy in the first pic. I always wondered what it was from. Nice.

Soupie said...

Do you mean you have the keshi driver, the plastic bike, or a keshi version of the bike? Or D, none of the above, haha? Would love to have it, er, I mean see a pic of it!

Ericnilla said...

its a keshi version of the bike. its tiny. I actually can't remember if i still have it, lemme try to find it and get a pic. :P

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