Sunday, January 22, 2012

LEGO Dinosaur Figure Foto

Toy Line: LEGO

Set Name: DINO: Ambush Attack

Collector's Note: If it looks to you as if this is one of the coolest dinosaur minifigures of all time, then your eyes are in good working order... because it is! And not only is it dripping with cool lookingness, imagine my surprise when I first held it and discovered it was made of rubber! Woot.

Honestly, this figure is wild. And as I'm typing this, I realize I should have taken a pic with some other minifigs to show its scale, which is a true minifig scale. I'd say it was just under an absolutely delightful 2" tall.

But wait, there's more. More LEGO Dinos. This one came in the smallest available set, with the other sets being larger and much more pricey.

If you can get your chubby little fingers on any of these figs, do so.

Two more pics after the jump.

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