Sunday, February 5, 2012

Captain Harlock Figure Foto

 Toy Line: Space Pirate Captain Harlock
Sculpt Names: First Mate Yattaran & Chief Engineer Maji (?)
Collector's Note: I wanted to make a follow up post to sort out the names/characters of the Captain Harlock figures. Looks like the figure I originally mistook for Dr. Zero is actually First Mate Yatteran, a character obsessed with WWII models, haha. The other sculpt is of the Engineer Maji. (Edit: Bloody hell, I'm still not sure. He has the big cross on his hat and chest that typically symbolize a medic, right? If anybody can clear this up, I'd appreciate it!) The detail on this figure is superb!
I also wasn't very pleased with my pics of Yattaran in the previous post and wanted to try to get better ones. Better, but not perfect. 


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Maverick Collecting said...

Somebody (and I don't know who) produced the 'medic' in 50mm factory painted vinyl/PVC, whether the other figures where issued (which would make the 'adults' around 120mm?) and when - I just don't know?

Bit early for Bully and Schlicht....

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