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Rise of the Beasts

Rise of the Beasts

Name of Toy Line: Rise of the Beasts
Manufacturing and Distribution: Plastic Imagination, and Jon Karis/Little Rubber Guys
Years of Production: 2012 (projected)
Countries/Regions Available: Worldwide
Size/Scale: 2" (projected)
Figure Trade Markings:
Approximate # of Figures: 4 sculpts (projected)

Details: Via the ROTB Kickstarter page:

Rise of the Beasts is a new collectible offering in the spirit of classic 80's toylines like M.U.S.C.L.E., Battle Beasts, He-Man and Thundercats! Savage Beasts that radiate power combine with ancient technology long lost to modern man. Whether you are a fan of mini-monos or small, painted, articulated figures, you will LOVE these figures!

Series 1 consists of 4 figures - A Lion, a Gorilla, a Horned Toad and a Komodo Dragon. The first 3 beasts' heroic body styles were partially inspired by classic toy lines like Thundercats, Sectaurs and Masters of the Universe. The 4th is suggestive of the fantastic Battle Beasts line with its squat, muscular proportions. Series 1 will be made of PVC (like M.U.S.C.L.E.s, Battle Beasts, etc.), approximately 60mm tall, available in both painted and non-painted formats, with a weapon and joints at the shoulders.

Karis and the producers are currently seeking $11,000 in Kickstarter-pledged funds to begin moving forward with production of the line. They are offering a number of pledge options. If the potential of this intriguing toy line catches your interest and imagination, consider making a pledge! (If the goal amount seems overwhelming, keep in mind that at least one mini-figure line had great success via Kickstarter.)

Rise of the Beats

Lion sculpt 3D digital prototype

Rise of the Beats

Lion sculpt 3D print prototype

More 3d digital pictures of the other proposed sculpts and a video featuring the above printed Lion sculpt can be seen at the Rise of the Beasts Kickstarter page.


After shattering the goal of 11,000 pledge dollars and nearing $17,000, Jon Karis controversially cancelled the KickStarter campaign. He and Plastic Imagination initially indicated that the cancellation was due to a better opportunity presenting itself to the company which they couldn't refuse. This left many individuals who had pledged money to the project feeling upset and even "used," as some people phrased it.

Shortly thereafter, Karis shared that the campaign had not actually been cancelled due to a better opportunity. Rather, according to Karis, it had been cancelled because he and PI had been informed by the contracted Chinese factory that the line could not be produced at the 60mm size, contrary to what they had been told earlier. The smallest scale in which the line could be produced by the factory was 80mm. Karis went on to explain that those individuals who had pledged at the $45 level would thus receive a free 80mm Golden Lion figure.

Some people who had pledged to the campaign vocalized anger and confusion, while others went on to criticize how the situation was handled.

Karis admitted poor decisions were made: Namely, not having a working prototype from the factory before beginning the KS campaign, and not sharing the bad news from the factory with pledgers immediately upon canceling the campaign.

Karis went on to share that he and PI were pursuing other avenues to produce the line at the 60mm scale and planning to expand the line into several larger sizes as well as produce a comic and play sets.

When all is said and done, I think the most important things are that Karis and PI did not take anyone's pledged money as they couldn't guarantee a line of 60mm figures, and that they still plan to bring the ROTB line to fruition.

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