Friday, February 3, 2012

Captain Harlock Figure Foto

Toy Line: Space Pirate Captain Harlock
Sculpt Names: Captain Harlock & Dr. Zero Alfred (?)
Collector's Note: Here's another toy line that I believe must be based on a Japanese manga or anime series. The story of Captain Harlock takes place far in the future when humankind has become (even more) lazy and slothful. Captain Harlock and his space pirate crew fight back against alien invaders when no one else will. (Thanks to Nuno Mata for the ID in the comments below!)
The figures are very small, clocking in between .5" and 1". They are made of hard plastic.
I'm not usually a fan of paint apps nor foot stands, but these figures are alright with me. The detail is top notch. I also like the fact that some of the figs are painted and some are mono-colored. I have a few more of these and will, of course, be featuring them here in the future.


Nuno Mata said...

Hey there

The japanese figure is Captain Harlock!

i think the other could be from the series too, but im not sure!

Big Hug!!!

Soupie said...

Thank you, mate! I got these together, so I assumed they were from the same line. They both have the skull symbol too. I'll do some research on Captain Harlock. :)

The Chogokin Jawa said...

To add some info. The Harlock figure was manufactured by Atlantic, an italian company who mainly produced small soldiers in the 70's and 80's.
Harlock (called in France Albator) was part of a box set with Dr Zero as well. I am still surprised by the orange color of Dr Zero.
Last but not least: it appears that Harlock was painted by his/her first owner. Because these figures are supposed to be sold in a blank state.

Soupie said...

Excellent info, mate. Yes, it does appear as if the paint is non-factory application. I had assumed it was factory and had simply worn off.

Thanks for the info about Atlantic. Now maybe I can track down more of these.

Also, the figure I have ID'd as Dr. Zero may be incorrect. I have another smaller figure that looks more like a doctor that is probably Dr. Zero. However, he is that delightful orange color too.

The Chogokin Jawa said...

Well in France this character is called Alfred. I need to check what is his original name.

ChristopherLGHill said...

Where is the hooded figure from? Kinkeshi?

Soupie said...

Yes, kinkeshi. It's the poltergeist from Part Eight. One of the sculpts that was unfortunately not made into a Mattel MUSCLE.

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