Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gegege No Kitarō Figure Foto

Nurikabe Gegege No Kitaro

Toy Line: Gegege No Kitarō

Sculpt Name: Nurikabe (ぬりかべ)

Color: Yellow

Collector's Note: This sculpt was featured by nano Fotato in a previous Figure Foto. However, I love the sculpt so much, I wanted to give it some more love. Here's what nano had to say about this character:
The Nurikabe (white wall) is a spirit who appears at night to footpath travelers and the victim suddenly can't walk forward nor backwards or any other directions. If you shake your walking stick on the ground it disappears, but not if you shake it up in the air.

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fkro6784 said...

Haha I love this little dude. So simple yet so cool.

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