Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Namakeshi Figure Foto

Namakeshi MUSCLE Can V.2

Toy Line: Namakeshi

Sculpt Name: M.U.S.C.L.E. Can (version II)

Color: Pink/Flesh

Collector's Note: This is the second of two MUSCLE can Namakeshi created by the author of the Nama Niku blog. The first can featured a number of "super rare" sculpts, while this can appears to consist of... all my favorite sculpts! The first can was mold/cast by Eric Nilla, while this second can has been mold/cast by Muscle Things.

If you've never held a figure cast in Muscle Things' plastic/rubber, you should. It has an incredibly pleasing memory-foam like action, while simultaneously having the look and feel of MIMP rubber/plastic. Meh, that's a horrible description. Sorry. You really just need to experience it first hand. (The fact that I've managed to talk more about the material than the actual aesthetics of the piece should tell you something about how interesting and unique it is.)

Anyhow, as you can see, the figure is gorgeous. The detail and craftsmanship are incredible. In my humble opinion, this is the best Namakeshi to date! In my extensive collection of mini-figures, this figure and the Meatgrinder Namakeshi are two of my favorites! (And both are made of Muscle Things rubber. :wink:)



Oli-kun said...

dunno where to post this

soupie gonna love it.

Soupie said...

You are absolutely correct sir! I can't wait to see their exact scale.

Have you seen the comic yet!?

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