Friday, May 18, 2012

AshuraShine Figure Foto

AshuraShine BrownNoize Productions AshuraShine BrownNoize Productions

Toy Line: Brownnoize Productions

Sculpt Name: AshuraShine

Color: Flesh/Pink

Collector's Note: AshuraShine is the creation of Sanjeev of Brownnoize Productions. Over at his blog, Sanjeev explains what Brownnoize is all about:

We want to make products that tap into the aesthetic values and play patterns we developed as children of the 70’s and 80’s. Back then, we were exposed to the most mind-blowing monster flicks, the dopest giant robot cartoons, and most inscrutable Japanese toys. That's the style that speaks to us, so that's what we want to emulate...and of course, share the funk with y'all!
Therefore it makes perfect sense that he brings us AshuraShine; a unique sculpt paying homage to the Japanese franchise Kinnikuman. AshuraShine is a homage to two Kinnikuman characters in particular: Sunshine (himself based on the Sunshine 60 Building in Tokyo, Japan) and Ashuraman (based on the asura, power seeking Hindu deities). See pics below.

Brownnoize teamed up with Muscle Things to cast the figure in a wonderfully textured rubber. AshuraShine is dripping with detail, and Muscle Things managed to capture all of it. The arms and hands of AshuraShine deserve particular praise. Just look at them. Wow.

Sanjeev tells us he's got more pieces in the works. And it seems Mr. Muscle Things is on-board to cast them as well. #woot





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