Friday, June 15, 2012

Challie Figure Foto

Challie by Soupie

Challie by Soupie

Toy Line: Minfico (Mini Figure Company)

Sculpt Name: Challie

Color: Frosted Ultra Detail print from Shapeways

Collector's Note: Many of you have already seen Challie from when I posted about him at the LRG forums. He is a custom sculpt that I created in a free 3D scultping program called Sculptris. It's amazing; you should give it a try!

Challie took me about 6 hours over 2 weeks to create. He is the first of hopefully many Minfico mini figures!

Because of the translucent quality of Frosted Ultra Detail, I've decided to share some pics of the 3D model. They show the detail of Challie much better.

Challie 3D Model

Challie 3D Model

I need to give a special shout-out to Sanjeev of Brownnoize Productions for giving me several tips in regards to 3D printing and working with Shapeways. Also, Challie was mostly inspired by the Gargamel Micro line of mini figures.

Finally, I wanted to post today to say that you've probably noticed a major lack of new content here at MXD. I have been very busy these past several months and will be for the next few. Updates to MXD by me (Soupie) will be intermittent for the next few months.

However, I remain pretty active on Twitter. You can find me there @MinifiguresXD. Like MXD, 99.9% of the content I share there is focused on mini figures. And I try to find and post about new content and not just regurgitate already Tweeted informations.



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Nice work, Soupie!

Soupie said...

Thanks guys! Cant wait until I have time to work on more. XD

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