Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ultraman Figure Foto

Toy Line: Ultraman

Sculpt Name: キーラ (Keylla)

Color: Dark Gold

Collector's Note: I'm in Kaiju-mode these days so please be understanding. This monster is part of a keshi subseries called "アンティッQ" and it was on the 38th episode of the original Ultraman series. Fun fact: searching for the name at first I got a whole page of Keira Knightley images, that's because another way to write its name in roman letters is "Kiira" like the actress.


Soupie said...

Incredible shots, mate! Keep them coming! Did you get a new camera? These outside shots are amazing, crystal clear and vivid.

I hope to post some pics soon too!

nanoFatato said...

Thanks Soups!
Same old camera unfortunately, but I was lucky to have a couple of sunny days here, a perfect setup to score some pleasant (kaiju) shots!

Can't wait to see what you'll post!

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