Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lucky Yuckies Mxd Media

Lucky Yuckies

Lucky Yuckies

Lucky Yuckies

Property: Lucky Yuckies

Medium: Mini Comic

About: Lucky Yuckies were Western vending machine figures released in the mid-80's that were bootlegs of the Japanese keshi toy line Gegege No Kitarō.

The creepfest continues with the final scans from book one of the Lucky Yuckies comics. (I think "Stone Monster" needs to eat a bran muffin...)


LittleWeirdos said...

Very cool to see these, thanks for posting! I wonder what whoever wrote these was smoking.

Soupie said...

My pleasure!

nanoFatato said...

Water Turtle please, PLEASE I don't want any soap in my eyes again!

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