Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Necro's Fortress Figure Foto

Necro's Fortress
Necro's Fortress: Hobgoblin
Necro's FortressNecro's Fortress
Necro's Fortress: Footla
Necro's Fortress
Necro's Fortress: Thor

Toy Line: Necro's/Neclo's Fortress

Sculpt Names: Hobgoblin, Footla, and Thor (thanks to Little Weirdos for the assist!)

Color: Light Blue, Beige, and Light Pink

Collector's Note: One of the hottest toy lines amongst Western and Japanese keshi collectors, Necro's Fortress is filled with awesome characters and great sculpts cast in gorgeous colors.


LittleWeirdos said...

The foot monster is named Footla and the hammer guys is Thor. :-)

Soupie said...

Haha, you know, I saw the hand character was named Handla and I figured the foot character was something similar. Got to get me a Handla sculpt!


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