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Garbage Pail Kids: Cheap Toys | Series One

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Name of Toy Line:
Garbage Pail Kids: Cheap Toys with Crummy Candy
Production Company: Topps Chewing Gum Inc.
Distributor: Topps Chewing Gum Inc.
Years of Production: 1986
Countries/Regions Available: United States, Canada, UK, and Australia.
Size/Scale: Approximately 1.5" tall
Figure Trade Markings: (c) 1986 TOPPS / CHEWING / GUM INC.
Approximate # of Figures: Hundreds

Details: There were ten characters in total taken from the first three series of Garbage Pail Kid cards and included in the Cheap Toys and Crummy Candy toy line. According to the checklist that came packaged with the figures, their names are Adam Bomb, Crater Chris, Grafitti (sic) Petey, Thin Lynn, Brainy Janey, Leaky Lindsay, Double Heather, Brett Sweat, Muggin' Megan, and Alice Island.

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The 10 sculpts were available in many colors including Red, Green, Blue, Peach and translucent Yellow to name a few. Cheap Toys figures also appear to have been produced in at least 3 types of plastic: hard, soft, and extremely soft (almost rubbery in nature).

The soft plastic figures seem to be common, at least in relation to Cheap Toys figures made of the harder plastic and the extremely soft, rubbery plastic.

The lighter, hard plastic figures are speculated as belonging to a UK and Australian release of the Cheap Toys toy line renamed as The Garbage Gang and are particularly hard to come by. One way to easily and quickly determine whether a particular figure is indeed a hard plastic UK figure is to throw it in a tub of water. If it's a hard UK "floater," it'll float! (The soft and rubbery type figures will conveniently sink to the bottom.)

Image courtesy Cory of the GPK Underground

UK Aqua Greens
Image courtesy Cory of the GPK Underground

UK Cinnamon Reds
Image courtesy Cory of the GPK Underground

The more-dense, rubbery figures seem to have been released in the USA and, like their hard plastic UK counterparts, are also hard to come by. I have a special fondness for the rubbery figures, and I consider them in my top 3 of favorite mini-fig toy lines. Below is an image of a few of the rubbery figures.

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Neon Red-Oranges

Finally, 1st series Cheap Toys were sold in boxes consisting of 24 tiny green trash bags each of which contained one figure, a small pack of wafers (Crummy Candy) and a tiny checklist. I don't personally recall seeing these in stores, but I imagine the boxes were treated like Garbage Pail Kid card boxes which were opened by the store clerk allowing customers to pick out a few of the packs, or in this case bags, for purchase -- or, if one wanted, they could buy the entire box.

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The box has similar dimensions to a card box.

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