Monday, December 24, 2007

Garbage Pail Kids: Cheap Toys | Series Two

Credit Griswold

Name of Toy Line:
Garbage Pail Kids: Cheap Toys Series Two
Production Company: Novo Bonbon
Distributor: Novo Bonbon
Characters and Elements: Topps Chewing Gum Inc.
Years of Production: ?
Countries/Regions Available: Canada
Size/Scale: 1.5"
Figure Trade Markings: None
Approximate # of Figures: Dozens

Details: Second series Cheap Toys come to us via Canada and Novo Bonbon. The 2nd series introduced 10 new lovable Garbage Pail Kids characters from the endearing series of heart-warming trading cards: Still Jill, Mouth Phil, Ali Gator, Galloping Glen, Berserk Kirk, Catty Kathy, Les Vegas, Picky Mickey, Distorted Dot, and Fishy Phyllis.

Interestingly and mysteriously, several 1st series sculpts have been found in 2nd series plastic and colors. You can read about them here at my 1st series Cheap Toys archive.

Checklist included with each bag

Series two figures came in red, green, blue and yellow, and were made using a hard, light plastic which differed from the softer, denser series one material. Each 2nd series sculpt is unique, varying in size and shape from the others and generally having superior detailing to the 1st series sculpts.

Let's take a look at some of these figures!



Credit Rusvan

Credit Galaxy


Credit Jbholio

Like the 1st series figures, 2nd series figures came in a box styled after a trading card box. Each contained 24 miniature green trash bags, which contained tiny pieces of candy, a checklist (pictured above), and one figure.

Credit Griswold


All in all, 2nd series Cheap Toys are an incredible addition to the Cheap Toys toy line introducing unique, new, and arguably superior sculpts, and 4 new colors. One major and restrictive drawback to this line is its limited release.

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