Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gremlins Water Hatchers

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Name of Toy Line: Gremlins Water Hatchers
Production Company: LJN
Years of Production: 1984
Countries/Regions Available: UK, USA
Size/Scale: Approximately 1"
Figure Trade Markings: none
Approximate # of Figures: 2

Details: The first Gremlins film saw many, many spin off items. One of the cooler products were T9.

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Although the detail in these tiny figures is not amazing any 1", mono-color, rubber Mogwai or Gremlin can't help but be appealing to any Keshi collector.

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The now familiar idea behind these figures was to drop them in water and watch them grow "over 500% larger"! The packaging claims that if you wrap them in margarine covered paper they will shrink back to their original size (seriously!). I have yet to see this in action...

Fortunately these figures came with a water tight storage pod, the two figures pictured here were kept moisture free for over a decade (so far) in the weird Gremlin shaped capsule:

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Internet legend would have us believe that these figures were withdrawn from the market after a small child choked to death on one. How true this is I do not know but it may explain why there is such a stern warning on the reverse of the packet "never, never put them in your mouth". But nothing can explain why there was a need to warn us "never flush them down the toilet"...but then again it could be fun to watch!

To see a detailed article on the figures actually growing in water see the X-entertainment link below. We at Toypedia like our figures small so will not be trying this out! If you are like us I wouldn't worry too much about feeding them after midnight, maybe avoid bright sunlight but never let them get wet!

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