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BEN 10: Planetary Powder Set

Name of Toy Line: BEN 10: Planetary Powder Set
Production Company: Bandai
Distributor: Bandai America Incorporated
Characters and Elements: Cartoon Network
Years of Production: 2008
Countries/Regions Available: USA, UK, and Web
Size/Scale: 1.5"
Figure Trade Markings: (c) CN / B. 07 / CHINA
Approximate # of Figures: 6

Details: Bandai continues the keshi renaissance with another series of BEN 10 keshi. In 2007, Bandai released the BEN 10: Transforming Alien Rocks toy line and now follows it with the BEN 10: Planetary Powder Set. Like its predecessor, the Planetary line consists of semi-translucent, non-articulated, mono-colored tiny figures based on characters from the BEN 10 cartoon. In fact, the 6 figures are based on characters that were also represented as figures in the Transforming Alien line. But the similarities stop there.

The character Grey Matter as Transforming Alien and Planetary Powder figure.

Image courtesy meatcutta78

Whereas the Transforming Alien figures were approximately 1" tall and made of a very soft material, the Planetary Powder figures stand at approximately 1.5" tall and are made of a hard plastic material. This material is very high quality and has a great texture and weight to it. Bandai didn't cut any corners with the use of this material. Finally, the sculpt details and poses of the Planetary Powder figures are slightly more detailed and varied than those of the Planetary Powder figures.

Let's take a look at all 6 of the Planetary Powder figures!

Heatblast Upgrade Four Arms

XLR8 Grey Matter Diamondhead

Click on images to see a larger version


The packing for the Planetary Powder figures is identical in every way to its predecessor except in size; The Planetary Powder packing is slightly larger.

Unlike the Transforming Alien line, each Planetary Powder box contains only one figure. However, each figure comes with a neato little container and several packets of powder and directions for making a fun concoction!

Image courtesy meatcutta78

Image courtesy meatcutta78

(Erm, that can't be comfortable...)

Bravo, Bandai! Another job well done! And special thanks to meatcutta78 for introducing Toypedia to the line and for all the excellent images!

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This was a great line even tho it was short lived.

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