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Name of Toy Line: Transmutazors
Production Company: Ideal
Distributor: unknown
Years of Production: unknown
Countries/Regions Available: Europe
Size/Scale: 1.5"
Figure Trade Markings: A or B, 1-40 / CHINA
Approximate # of Figures: 80


"Millions of years ago, Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Now mutations are being
discovered all over the world having adapted to today's environment."

Thus goes the story of the Transmutazors, a line of zany dinosaur figures produced by Ideal. The toy line consists of a total of 80 figures; 40 dinosaur figures in their pre-mutazor form and 40 dinosaur figures in their post-mutazor form. The pre-mutated figures came in a variety of colors including orange, green, and dark gray, while the post-mutated figures came in a light gray color. They are composed of a firm yet easily bendable plastic material.

Dinosaurs that have evolved to survive in the madness that is 20th century human society? All-in-all, a pretty fun idea! Let's see how it translates into toy figures. Below we have a comparison image of a post-mutazor Hippy o'zor and his pre-mutazor form Iguanodon.

...unfortunately not the most attractive dinosaur toy sculpts you've ever seen, huh? We agree.

The 40 pre-mutated dino sculpts have the "A" trademark while the post-mutated dino sculpts are marked with the letter "B." The pre- and post-mutazor character sculpts share the same number, which makes matching the sculpt pairs together easier. For example, Iguanodon and Hippy o'zor bare the trade markings 18A and 18B respectively.

Let's take a peak at a few more figures.


Pre-mutation Dimetrodon and Stegosaurus

The Stegosaurus figure isn't half bad, eh. And here's a group photo.

Credit Strontium Dog

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get our pre-mutated hands on any packaging, but we did manage to acquire a pamphlet with some instructions and great illustrations. The pamphlet informs the collector that one can paint ones TRANSMUTAZORS to look like the pictures in the pamphlet. That explains the light gray color of the mutated figures; it's easier to paint a light colored toy figure. There was also an accompanying card game which is always fun.

Let's have a look at the pamphlet, front and back.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Impressed by my coloring skills? I thought so. Here's some close up looks at a few of the cooler illustrations.

For more coverage of this quirky little toy line, including images of packaging and accessory books, check out the Transmutazors entry at Yowie Maggie.com.

As always, please contact us with any images or information we may be missing. Thanks!

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Great stuff! I have loads of theses, including an original wrapper, pamphlets and dino descriptions.

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