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Name of Toy Line: Blackstar
Production Company: Galoob
Distributor: Galoob
Years of Production: 1983-1985
Countries/Regions Available: USA and Europe
Size/Scale: Action Figures: 6" ; Companion Figures: 3"
Figure Trade Markings: Action Figures: © 1983 FILMATION ; Companion Figures: None
Approximate # of Figures: 15 Companion Figures


Blackstar began in 1981 as a fantasy sci-fi cartoon produced by Filmation. It has many similarities to its more popular successor, He-Man. Check out the show's opening for the premise.

It's the story of John Blackstar, an astronaut from a future, technologically advanced Earth. He is sucked into a black-hole and finds himself on the planet Sagar, which is populated by a plethora of alien creatures. Blackstar aligns himself with the tiny Trobbit people in their battle against the evil Overlord. Action-packed high jinks ensue.

The toy line was released a few years later, beginning in 1983 and running to 1985. There were a total of three waves - one each year. The six-inch action figures came carded individually and also with a companion figure; The good guys came with a Trobbit figure and the bad guys came with a demon figure.

The Trobbit figures were also carded individually, but never the demon figures.

The action figures are made with mixed materials - both hard and soft plastic. The one example of an action figure I have has soft arms and legs and hard trunk and head. The figure is called Meuton; He's a baddy and appears to be a wasp-man. Creepy and cool!

Definitely would not want to stumble into that guy in a dark alley (or a well-lit one for that matter).

Of course here at Toypedia, the main attraction is not the 6" action figures but the diminutive 3" companion figures! There were a total of six Trobbit figures and nine demons. Both Trobbits and demons are made of a soft plastic.

The Trobbit characters are very reminiscent of Snow White's dwarves. They're tiny little guys with white hair, wearing purple, blue, and yellow garb. Unfortunately I only have the character Poulo in our possession at the moment. Let's take a close-up look at him.

Click to enlarge

(The, uh, bit of plastic between Mr. Poulo's legs appears to be a nub of flashing left over from the casting process. I agree, it is a bit disturbing. I was tempted to edit it out, but chose to go el naturale instead.)

There were two types of demon companion figures. The first type was available in the first two waves. It consisted of a single sculpt cast in six different colors and paint schemes: Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red, and Orange. The availability of the different colored demons varies with Green being by far the most common.

Let's take a look at a Green demon. Note the paint applications on the stomach, eyes, and eyebrows.

Click to enlarge

Red and Blue demons arrived in the second wave.

Click to enlarge

The two Blues I have appear to have slightly different paint application colors. The second figure appears to have stomach and eyebrow paint that is slightly more Purple.

Click to enlarge

Three new demon figures were introduced in the third wave. Like the Trobbits, each new demon had a unique sculpt and a more complex paint scheme. The body of each demon is one single color however, and they are referred to by these colors. Thus, once again, there are Red, Green, and Yellow demons. I've got the Red and Green, so let's take a look at them.


Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

It's a very fun, highly collectible toy line with several interesting figures, some harder to come by than others. Be sure to check the links below for more great pictures and information about this line.

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