Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grossville High

Name of Card Set: Grossville High
Production Company: Canew Ideas
Distribution Company:Fleer Corporation
Year of Production: 1986
Pack Contents: 5 stickers, 1 stick bubble gum


“You’ll know where to stick Grossville High” It’s not every day that you run across that type of slogan…yet that’s what the people at Canew and Fleer decided to run with for their set of Grossville High stickers. Released in 1989, it’s fairly easy to see some similarities between this set and the (immensely more popular) Garbage Pail Kids stickers. Fleer dabbled in the non-sport card lines from time to time, but sadly they never really enjoyed the same type of success that Topps, Inc. has.

This release was a fairly standard non-sport release…featuring 25cent packs containing five stickers and a stick of gum. The card fronts featured some fairly over-the-top artwork of supposed High School students. The art was in the same vein as GPK and MAD Magazine, and intended to gross out collectors. Card backs featured a combination of yearbook-styled features, love notes, stories, etc. In terms of production value, Fleer actually did a nice job with some glossy materials and bright colors, but the overall lack of effort seems to radiate throughout the release.

Still, it’s a fun set of non-sport stickers to collect – and you can pick some up for very little cash on eBay, etc.

And did you happen to catch the name of the character on the wrapper above? Norman Nerdwood? Wow...not sure what to make of that.


GCangemi said...

Grossville High was produced in 1986, not 1989 as your article states. I know because I am the artist who created the series.I take issue with the "overall lack of effort" comment. I put a great deal of effort into the cards but was constrained by a very tight deadline to complete the series, so they perhaps do lack a certain polish. Collectors, hang on to your GH cards, they are rare as a limited number were printed and only one series.

Soupie said...

Correction made! Thanks for the unique insight regarding their production.

I love Grossville High and just wish there were a corresponding mini-figure line a la Weird Ball Wrestlers.

Cameron said...

I love these cards. I have many and have had them for 25 years. Thanks Gary!

Anonymous said...

Francisco said...
I still have my GH too, I bought them in Mexico outside my middle school, they were really cool.

BCangemi said...

These are without a doubt some of the most amazing cards and amazing artwork! They are a staple of the 80's right up there with the Garbage Pail Kids. I own the whole entire set, and I am proud to say that Gary Cangemi is my uncle! Amazing Work!!

Anonymous said...

Years back I had a bunch of questions about these cards and was able to contact Gary. He was such a nice guy and provided me with so much info about this series. Even though they were not as popular as Garbage Pail kids they are still unique and obscure series of cards.

Anonymous said...

just courious what would a complete set be worth? all in mint shape

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