Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dinosaurs Attack!

Name of Card Set: Dinosaurs Attack!
Distribution Company:The Topps Company, Inc.
Year of Production: 1988
Pack Contents: 5 Cards, 1 sticker, 1 stick bubble gum


Wow...a Topps card set that wasn't based on a movie, TV show, or popular toy? I know, it's hard to believe. Thankfully for collectors, Topps partnered with some fantastic artists and released the Dinosaurs Attack! trading card set back in 1988. This set tells the story of dinosaurs transported through time into the present day via a freak accident, and their eventual destruction of planet Earth. The set contains 55 cards and 11 sticker cards.

The best thing about this release is how little Topps held back when it came to censoring the cards. The images are graphically bloody, and shocking in some cases. They don't shy away from bloody deaths, decapitations, mutilations, etc. Man I miss the 80's when everything wasn't G-rated - and there wasn't a fear of having to please everybody. :( In addition to the chaos on the front of the cards, the backs featured newspaper-styled writeups of the destruction being caused by the dinos.

Of course this set wasn't all about was also there to help educate ;) Included in the release was a mini-set of sticker cards. These stickers featured one dinosaur on the front, and some information on said dino on the back. The artwork on these stickers is pretty impressive, and it looks like it could be put into a science book and no one would know. (Well, except for the guy being eaten!) Definitely a nice little addition to the set.

An interesting little side's rumored that Tim Burton loves this card set, and he was planning on making a movie based on it until the overwhelming success of the Jurassic Park movies. He eventually made Mars Attacks!, but I can only imagine how sweet his take on these cards would have been.


Unknown said...

I love these cards every time i see them. : )

Derek Ash said...

I used to have a ton of these when I was a kiddo, and I miss them very much. They ranked right up there with GPK, and the ALF Melmacian Baseball cards for me. I remember loving the gore and guts, and one of my favorites that I owned was in fact the Lunch break card pictured above. It's the image I associate most with the series in my memory.

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