Monday, February 14, 2011

Eraser Bouncing Bad Bad Ball

Name of Toy Line: Eraser Bouncing Bad Bad Ball
Production Company: D.V.S. (Made in Taiwan)
Distributor: Unknown
Years of Production: 1987
Countries/Regions Available: USA
Size/Scale: 1"
Figure Trade Markings: None
Approximate # of Figures: 8

Super special thanks to Blarghhhspot for introducing Toypedia to these wonderful items and for all the pictures in this entry! If you've never visited the blog you should do so. Now!


If you love Madballs (and who doesn't, right?) and you love mono-colored mini-figures (sure you do!), then you'll love Bad Bad Balls! These tiny balls combine the best of both worlds: They've got the awesomely round grossness of Madballs and the rubbery colored goodness of keshi!

They came packaged in a simple box with a pull out tray. There were eight of them in a range of pleasant pastel colors including pink, yellow and light green. On the package is text indicating that these pieces doubled as both high-bounce balls and pencil top erasers. Nice! Everyone loves a twofer.

The sculpts themselves are impressive considering the medium (a tiny round ball) and the source material (let's be honest, these are total Madball ripoffs). Come on, let's get up close and personal with these little dudes courtesy the Blarghhhspot.

Not much to say about this first dude other than he may want to invest in some veneers. Seriously though, it's a simple yet solid little sculpt.

Here's a look at one sculpt in two different colors. Seems to be only one of two double sculpts in the box. It leads me to believe there /may/ be other sets and figures - and maybe sculpts! Joy. As for the sculpt itself, meh.

Click to enlarge

I love the color of this next guy. Yellow is always a favorite keshi color, but the light pastel hue is just buttery smooth; And the elephant trunk and tusks put this guy in the running for my fav of the bunch.

I'm not sure what's going on with this piece. Looks to be a normal, albeit goofy human, but there's something up with his/her hair. Is that a snake slithering around up there?

Click to enlarge

Ah, toad eye. I've loved toad eye since I first laid eyes on him! He's got a toad on his eye! Toad eye.

And I noticed something whilst kicking around this Blarghhhspot post. Check out the Sad Ball pictured here below Toad Eye. It seems one sculpt influenced the other, or both are inspired by the same (unidentified) piece.

Group shot.

Click to enlarge

And the packaging. Note that none of the figure drawlings appear to correspond to any of the actual sculpts. The drawing was probably completed preproduction or perhaps in isolation, but I choose to interpret this as proof that there are other sculpts and colorways out there!

Click to enlarge

What a fun Western keshi toy line! Good luck findind these little guys. I've never come across one myself, but of course would love to. Super very good thanks to Blarghhh Spot for the great pics. Be sure to check there for more incredible coverage of Madballs and Madball knockoffs.

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