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Horrors N Heroes

Name of Toy Line: Horros N Heroes
Production Company: Unknown
Distributor: Mr. Lucky Bags Ltd.
Years of Production: 1990s (?)
Countries/Regions Available: UK/Europe (?)
Size/Scale: 2"
Figure Trade Markings: None
Approximate # of Figures: 16 Sculpts, multiple colors


Happy to announce an update concerning this previously unidentified mono-minifigure line thanks to TwoHeadedBoy!

Fantasy Figures -- 05/18/08

Uber collector Dark Clown of the LRG forums has a handful of neato figures that he can't identify. They are approximately 2.5" tall and made of hard plastic. They have no trade markings!


Well mono-minifigure collectors, we are much closer to identifying the origins of this super cool and highly sought after toy line thanks to TwoHeadedBoy! Toypedia's Central Referral received the following correspondence via electronic mail just today:

Think I may have solved this long-running mystery regarding those Greek monster figures in the "Unidentified" section of Toypedia. I KNEW I had a sheet somewhere with these figures on, as they used to be given away with Horror Bags (a wonderful thing we had in the UK in the early-mid Nineties, consisting of a mystery bag filled with cheap horror-themed toys and sweets). Got a few of the figures around, and finally found the sheet this evening - in a box, within a bag, within another massive box.

Yeah, turns out the line's name is Horrors & Heroes! The scan's attached. We still don't have any company info or year of origin, but now we have a name at least - this could be an alternative name for a European line, who knows?

Here are two web-pages showing the Horror Bags I was talking about, one of which advertises Horrors & Heroes on the front of the bag. Link One Link Two

~ TwoHeadedBoy

Very well done, mate! Okay, now let's take a peak at the booklet scans he sent along!

Here's a look at the "Horror Bag" mentioned above courtesy of Cobwebb Bedroom:

Credit Cobwebb Bedroom

Looks like there are a total of 16 sculpts, and we've now got names for each of them! There's no indication whether the figures come in a range of colors or just the featured silver color. As you can see above, Dark Clown owns them in several colors. As THB said, perhaps this is a reissued line based on a Greek line or vice versa.

In any case, this is an excellent find. We're much closer to fully documenting this fun, unique toy line. Thanks TwoHeadedBoy!

Update 6/18/2011: Cobwebb Bedroom has made a post with information specifically about Horrors N Heroes. Check it out: link.


Ryan said...

Wow, that was quick! It's great to see everything slowly come together over the years - maybe this will jog the memories of any Greek readers that Toypedia might have (or Italian, or Spanish, or Argentinian or whatever).

nanoFatato said...

I wondered many times about this toys and now part of the mistery is solved, thank you TwoHeadedBoy!!

roxy said...

psyched to see that these were marketed to boys AND girls ! monsters are for everyone !

Soupie said...

@ Roxy

Do you ever wonder if monsters collect little plastic figurines of humans?

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see we finally have some info on this line.


Fkro6784 said...

Man, I wish I could find some of these. Not sure where/how to even begin searching. I find the Scylla especially cool. :)

Unknown said...

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Marc said...

I'm going to leave this comment on both of your blogs, if I may, for obvious reasons; maybe somebody can help.
As a kid, I had some Horrors n' Heroes from these Horror lucky bags. I also got a fair selection of Monster in my Pocket figures from a charity shop. I have none of them now that I am 22, I took them to a charity shop a year ago so that another child could maybe appreciate them. Today I've remembered one of these figures especially, one that stood out the most to me, I guess, for it's concept. Upon searching through your blog and other sites about Horrors n' Heroes, Monster in my Pocket and other toylines I've been unable to find this specific figure. He strongly resembled the Headbanger character from the Toxic Crusaders toyline - it could be plagiarism - but was only in one colour, a bright yellow similar to that of the Monster in my Pocket yellow colour, but he had the style and material of a Horrors n' Heroes figure. I'm certain he came from a Horror lucky bag in the 90's, I'm 99.9% certain. He had the two heads of Headbanger (TC character), one grotesque, one macho-looking, and one arm withered, one arm strong etc. Very bright yellow, so much so that the detail and features were a bit difficult to see.
Anyone know where this figure came from, what toyline?

Thanks in advance.

Marc said...

Ah, now I'm at a computer (and not using my difficult phone) I've discovered it!
Yolanda version of Toxic Crusaders toys! Headbanger in bright yellow! Thank you for having this on your blog, it's a great resource!

Unknown said...

does anyone has scylla?

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