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Wacky Packages Erasers

Wacky Packages

Name of Toy Line: Wacky Packages Erasers

Production Company: The Topps Company, Inc.

Distributor: The Topps Company, Inc.

Years of Production: 2011

Countries/Regions Available: US and Canada for sure, not sure about elsewhere.

Size/Scale: 1"

Figure Trade Markings: None

Approximate # of Figures: 24

Details: The Wacky Packages card range of Topps which got its start in 1967 is a long-running classic, right up there with Garbage Pail Kids. In 2011, the range experienced an exciting, new evolution and was produced in the eraser medium.

Twenty four Wacky Packages were made in eraser form. Twenty of them apparently common and four allegedly produced in "rare" quantities. Wacky Packages are parodies of various North American products ranging from sodas and soups to cereals and crackers. How well does the range translate from the 2D form-factor of card art to the 3D world of rubber sculpts? Let's see!

I've been able to identify two types of packaging: Foil packs containing three erasers and three stickers, and six-packs containing six erasers (three visible and three hidden from view) and no stickers. I purchased a six-pack. The three hidden erasers were contained in a foil pack, which may be similar in size and appearance (sans logo) of the normal 3-packs. Let's take a look.

Wacky Packages Erasers

Wacky Packages Erasers

Foil pack containing three "mystery" erasers.

Wacky Packages Erasers

My mystery foil pack happened to contain one of the four "rare" erasers, which perhaps or perhaps not coincidentally happens to be my favorite of the bunch. It's the Chimps Ahoy! eraser.

How hard the "rare" erasers will be to get hold of, I can't yet say, but check out the interesting disclaimer/offer on the back of the packaging:

Wacky Packages Erasers

As you will see below, the erasers themselves are made of true eraser material. That is to say, they are not PVC. Each comes in varying size, shape, and color and is wrapped in a printed label. Thus, the erasers themselves have little-to-no actual sculpting to them; the details of the Wacky Packages are contained on the label. This may be a bit disappointing to hardcore minifig collectors, but regardless, each eraser has a feeling of relatively high quality and the labels are thick, glossy, and fit tightly around the erasers.

The Chimps Ahoy! eraser, which is my favorite, does bare some sculpting. See below.

Okay, enough blabbering. The erasers!

#10 Frosted Snakes

#11 Geek Giant

#12 Jelly Bully

#13 Lapton

#16 Prickles

#22 Chimps Ahoy! (Rare)

Fun stuff, huh? Topps definitely put some effort into this little line, and it paid off. The end product is fun and highly collectible. In fact, I do plan on completing a collection of the set and fully documenting them here in this mini-archive. Be sure to check back often!

Here's one last look at all the erasers together with their new buddy, Mr. Cross.

Wacky Packages Erasers

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Unknown said...

I love Wacky Packages erasers. I've picked-up a few myself but I've yet to see the 6 packs: all I've found are the three-pack blind bags.

Soupie said...

That's funny because I've had the opposite experience. I got the 6-pack at Target. I'll be looking for 3-packs.

Unknown said...

I'll have a look next time I'm at Target for them - thanks for the tip!

nanoFatato said...

"Smellog's" Haha!
What are the original brands?

Smellogg's -> Kellogg's
Geek Giant -> ??
Jelly Bully -> ??
Lapton -> Lipton
Prickles -> Pringles
Chimps Ahoy! -> ??

Soupie said...

Haha, here you go:

Geek Giant = Green Giant (canned vegetables)

Jelly Bully = Jelly Belly (candy)

Chimps Ahoy! = Chips Ahoy! (chocolate chip cookies)


César Cantú said...

I've seen some of these at a Toys R Us in my last trip to the USA. I wanted to buy some, but was not sure if I would like them.

Right now I have an urge for these beauties!

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