Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kinnikuman Figabulary



Mini Nakano-san and MUSCLE Nakano-san

Toy Line: Unknown Kinnikuman Set

Sculpt Name: Nakano-san; Doc Nakano

Color: Yellow

Collector's Note: This Nakano-san piece has no trade markings. It's difficult to say which set it belongs to. I believe it belongs to a set of high-quality Mini Kinkeshi that are mysteriously unmarked. However, it's also possible this figure belongs to one of a few sets of Kinnikuman keshi bootleg sets that exist, like this one documented by Naochin.

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Bigazzhead said...

I've seen this guy before and I love this sculpt. He's so creepy. I always get the impression he's lusting after something and he's inching his way towards an aware victim with their back turned.

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