Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About MinifiguresXD

MinifiguresXD is a dynamic library of information about mini figure toy lines, toy lines containing mini figures, and non-sport card sets.

Our goal is to introduce collectors and enthusiasts to as many interesting toy lines and card sets as possible, not necessarily to cover each in their entirety.

MXD is not affiliated with nor an official website for any of the properties documented here with the exception of C.A.Z.A.M.™

Toy lines and card sets are documented via entries that provide pictures and information about them. Links to such entries can be found in the Toy Lines and Card Sets drop-down menus located on the right side of the website. Individual mini figures and cards are also highlighted in solo entries called Figure Foto, Blanko Figure Foto (featuring figures with their paint apps removed), and Cardboard Close-Up entries respectively. They can be located in the Post Labels drop-down menu.

Posts are not made at MXD on any regularly scheduled basis. Figure Fotos are the most frequent posts being made at this time. However, there will certainly be more Toy Lines, Card Sets, and Cardboard Close-Up entries being made in the future. As long as there are mini-figures and cards, they will be featured here at MXD.

Other than regularly checking the blog, you can also follow MinifiguresXD through the RSS feed and the Twitter account.

Take your time and have a look around. We hope you enjoy and check back often!


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