Sunday, November 6, 2011

Predators DNA Fusion

Name of Toy Line: Predators DNA Fusion

Production Company: Dracco Company Limited

Years of Production: 2011

Regions Available: Italy

Scale: 2"

Number of Figures: 24


Predators DNA Fusion puts an interesting spin on a favorite "raw material" of toy makers, dinosaurs. Capitalizing on the ubiquitous nature of genetics and DNA in our culture, Predators is filled with twenty four violent dinosaur-mutants that are the result of combining the DNA of two dinosaurs.

#22 Kabell

The figures are made of a flexible plastic and have no points of articulation. Paint applications are of a nice quality, tasteful and clean. The teeth are glow-in-the-dark, which is always a fun additional detail. Each figure comes with a detachable weapon; they attach via a nub on the weapon that fits snuggly into a slot on the sculpt's hand or arm.

Single figures come packaged in foil packs. Included is a card and a nicely illustrated and arranged checklist.

The two dinosaurs of which each Predator is made can be seen in the upper corners of the cards. It looks as if Kabell is a hybrid of a Triceratops and Raptor. Indeed, the card is packed with graphics and info that can be used to play a card game as well.

The twenty four dinos are divided into 3 groups, eight monsters per group. The groups are named after what appears to be prehistoric time periods. It's possible the dinosaurs in the groups hail from those time periods, but I'm not sure.

Dracco has created a fun and highly collectable dinosaur-based mini figure toy line. The figures look great, feel great, and are sure to appeal to dino lovers, sci-fi geeks, and mini fig collectors.

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César Cantú said...

Are these beauties available in America?

nanoFatato said...

I'm afraid not :(
It is one of the few tentatives of other companies to recreate the success of Dinofroz (, I like'em, especially the gitd jaws!

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Those look fantastic... Can't see them ever appearing in the UK though. Seems I'll have to hunt for them on the "Web". And from the looks of that checklist, they ARE divided by era (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretacious) - looks like they've gone for semi-educational accuracy here. Exciting stuff!

Nuno Mata said...

The dinofroz were great...i hope to catch these in portugal soon...
Very nice looking!

César Cantú said...

Too bad. I miss dinosaurs =(

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I have some of these guys. Normally not into Fantasy Dinosaurs ( I prefer realistic ones ) and but those are great.

I also know that they are getting a wider release, but under a different name: Predasaurs DNA Fusion.

Soupie said...

Yes, for fantasy dinos, they are surprisingly great sculpts.

Thanks for the update regarding future releases and the name change!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome!
Here is the Website:

Seems like the Predasaurs Versions are different from the Predators Versions...

Anonymous said...

Bought A retail box of the "saur" versions for myself! Got vultarex (or vultar as he's known in the "tor" version). Thinking about getting some more... Always wanted fantasy dinos (like those cheap 2-headed dinosaurs & JP:chaos effect) But could only find them with magazines (got one BTW)

Unknown said...

Как мога да си купя такива динозаври играчки? Търсех на много места, но никъде, където съм търсил няма, кажете ако знаете?

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