Saturday, November 12, 2011

Space: 1999

Name of Card Set: Space: 1999

Characters and Elements: ATV Licensing Ltd.

Distribution: Donruss Co.

Year of Production: 1976

Pack Contents: 5 cards, gum stick


The year is 1999, mankind has established a research facility on the Moon called Moonbase Alpha. They've also established a gigantic nuclear waste dump on the dark side of the Moon. Due to the effects of some unknown, magnetic, moon radiation, the nuclear garbage catastrophically explodes, knocking the Moon out of Earth orbit and launching it into deep space. Oops.

The British produced TV show ran for two, 12-episode seasons. At the time, its production costs were the highest of any television show. The story arch of each season was not unlike other sci-fi shows like Lost In Space and Star Trek; those trapped on the Moon and Moonbase Alpha traveled through space encountering weird phenomena and strange aliens.

We are Moonbase Alpha.

There were 66 cards in the set. The cards are portrait and landscape oriented and feature scenes from the television show. On the back of each card is a full color image "puzzle" piece that can be combined with the other cards to make a complete, poster-size image. There are other non-English sets as well, with different (and better) graphics and different (more interesting) scenes.

Let's take a look at some more cards.

I say we put the horseshoe pit right here.

That's it, we need a new dishwasher!

This is my smile.

Based on the selection of cards shown here, this doesn't appear to be the most exciting card set. It probably isn't. Yet this set may still appeal to sci-fi aficionados and hardcore card collectors.

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nanoFatato said...

Cool set, I *LOVE* the show!

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