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Name of Toy Line: Z.O.M.B.I.E.

Production Company: October Toys, LLC.

Distributor: October Toys, LLC.

Years of Production: 2009-Now

Countries/Regions Available: Worldwide via Internet

Size/Scale: 2"-3"

Figure Trade Markings: None

Approximate # of Figures: 5


Zillion Of Mutated Bodies Infecting Everyone

In 2009 the guys at October Toys created and released a toyline of five small zombie characters in four colors: Toxic Green, Bone White, Pale Blue and Glow in the Dark.

Their names are School Girl, Rockabilly, Bathtime, School Boy and the Ape, they were sold in full color set or in a pack of 13 pieces or big jar of 100 pieces.

The line was more than successful and new colors were produced (the last wave has been released about a month ago), including some exclusive colors along the road.

Meet the little monsters:

School Girl Rockabilly Bathtime School Boy the Ape

The sculpt is way beyond sharp, full of gruesome details and personality, you can tell a figure backstory simply looking at it.

The new waves included an array of new colors: Purple, Red, Gray, Blue, Dark Green and Orange, the exclusives colors are: Pink GITD, Translucent Glitter Green and a great Color Changing Green.The last wave has: Black, Flesh, GITD Blue, Glitter Clear and Neon Pink.

Check out the GITD colors!

These toys are fun to play and to collect, best of all this is only series One...

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krakit said...

cool figures :D

Mindless-Focus said...

Great review! I even like how you plugged our (Zombie & Toys and my) color change zombies (still available at Z&T store). Sorry, shameless plug. I also hear that series 2 is very much in the works. Stay tuned!

idlechimp said...

Great review and some sharp pictures too! Those little guys can be hard to photograph and you nailed them!

Soupie said...

Well done, Nano. Pics are awesome! Captured all the detail of this super fun line. Cant wait for series two.

Nuno Mata said...

These are awsome!!!
I got some and they are great...cant wait to find some more colours...

nanoFatato said...

Thank you guys!! :)
These little fellas are pure fun, right now I have them on my shelf invading the other toys displayed.. hah!

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