Sunday, January 8, 2012

Toy Boarders

Name of Toy Line: The Original AJ's Toy Boarders

Manufacturing and Distribution: ALFA-ROW Inc.

Years of Production: Unknown

Countries/Regions Available: Worldwide via

Size/Scale: 2"

Figure Trade Markings: CHINA

Approximate # of Figures: Eight (8)

Details: From the Toy Boarders website:

The Original AJ's Toy Boarders™ is a simple toy that let's kids use their imagination. Toy Soldiers have been around for years - why promote war when we can let kids have positive toys that promote action sports instead of violence - they get enough violence with todays video games.

Our roots are skate, surf, & snow so when we design each rider we use real moves that would be used by todays riders. Each rider is hand molded with attention to detail and style.

Any kid can enjoy these riders. They can make a skatepark out of anything around the house, take them wherever they go & use their imagination for hours of enjoyment. We are very proud of this first of many series. Stay tuned for more skate, surf & snowboard riders that are in the works.

We hope that you enjoy AJ's Toy Boarders™.

Toy Boarders joyfully take us back to the Army men roots of the minifigure form factor albiet with a non-violent twist. Indeed, why promote guns and voilence when one can encourage grinding and thrashing? The first thing I did when I ripped open the package was grab a figure and complete a long, satisfying rail grind on the nearest available surface! These things were made to be played with, and that's just what people and their imaginations (if they've still got one) will do.

There are eight unique sculpts, each very different and distinct from the other. There are no cookie cutter, standard poses. However, there is only one color, army green. Whether or not this will change in the future, and moreover, whether there is a need for this to change in the future, I'm not sure.

The sculpts are of excellent quality and detail, possessing no flashing, bubbles, or other percievable imperfections. Each sculpt has a "personality" of its own. The poses are extremely realistic and capture the true form and stances of real skateboarders.

Nose Grab


Cruising 1

The PVC is lightweight and hard. Typically here at MXD we prefer a heavier, rubbery plastic, but hard plastic suits the Toy Boarders.

MUSCLE Comparison

According to the Toy Boarders website, there are additional series of skateboarders coming in the future, as well as snowboarders and surfers. Needless to say, I am "stoked" for that!

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The Toy Boarders figures used in this entry were given to MXD by a representitive of the Toy Boarders toy line.


nanoFatato said...

Saw them the other day on AFI, they remind me the All City Breakers by Kidrobot, very cool idea, I hope they'll do well!

Soupie said...

Yes, I thought so too. I have a pack of them. I plan to document them at some point too. I havent even had time to open the pack yet, though. :(

Hugh Walter said...

Brilliant! I hope someone does a nice skate-park diorama with all the skill of a military modeller or model-railway layout landscaper!

You can see architects takeing them into the town hall for planning meetings, or 'design your fantasy skate-park'!

César Cantú said...

Their hands look funny. Great pieces!!=D

Josh Blair said...

Awesome! I'll have to get a set for my son. And a great price too.

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