Monday, March 19, 2012

Gormiti Blanko Figure Foto

Gormiti Gormiti
Gormiti Gormiti

Toy Line: Gormiti Luxion

Sculpt Name: Cerbante

Collector's Note: This one came out pretty good! Without the sloppy paintjob this sculpt shows a great amount of details, even with a slightly translucent 'gitd' plastic.



Soupie said...

Incredible! I can't get over how much of a difference that makes. I love it. More please!

doncocor said...

Woah! This is nice! Gormiti comes up with some cool stuff but they're hard to find them where I live.

doncocor said...

True I prefer the one without colors. Always do.

redJar said...

These shots keep making me wish I had Gormiti to strip paint off of. Dagnabbit.

Aikola said...

Gah! You cant do this to figures I dont own, does look nice however.

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