Thursday, March 1, 2012

McDonald's Pokémon Promotion

Name of Toy Line: McDonald's Black & White Pokémon Promotion

Manufacturing and Distribution: Nintendo & McDonald's

Years of Production: 2011

Countries/Regions Available: North America, Europe, and Oz

Size/Scale: 2-5"

Figure Trade Markings:

Approximate # of Figures: 8

Details: In 2011 two powerhouses, Nintendo and McDonald's, teamed up to produce a Happy Meal promotion for Pokémon Black and White, the first titles in the 5th generation of Pokémon video games made for the Nintendo DS.

In the US promotion, there were 8 figures and 12 cards offered. However, elsewhere, three of the figures were not released. I'm not sure why. See below.

US Release

Non-US Release

While I've never been a Pokémon fan - I've never played the games nor collected the toys and cards - I am a fan of Nintendo design aesthetics and McDonald's Happy Meal toys. Also, while I've never been into Pokémon, I've never hated it either. I love collecting cards and toys, so I can't begrudge anyone who collects Pokémon cards and toys. I can see the appeal. Furthermore, had there ever been a mono/blank line of Pokémon mini-figures, perhaps I would be a fan after-all!

In any case, a sealed Black & White promotional figure came into my possession! and I was impressed enough with the piece - package, card, figure, and, mostly, the checklist - to document it here. So let's take a look.

The figure I acquired is called Tepig. He is a Fire Pig Pokémon and is apparently at the beginning stages of "evolution."

Press down on his hind legs, and the red ball - the end of his tail - lights up.

There's a switch on the figure's underside which allows the light to be switched on or off.

Yes, the above picture is of the underbelly of a Pokémon toy. You can now say you've seen the underbelly of a Pokémon toy. I don't know why I felt the need to document the underbelly of a Pokémon toy, but I did and there it is.

As noted earlier, the real interest for me was the card and checklist. The card I got was of the character Oshawatt. He is a Sea Otter Pokémon and like Tepig is at the beginning stages of Pokémon evolution.

I'm not super impressed with the card, but it's not hideous. But really, as silly as it sounds, my favorite item is the checklist. I love toy and card checklists! In fact, I could look at toy and card checklists all day. Someone needs to start a website where all they do is document toy and card checklists!

If there ever were such a site, this checklist would need to be on it.

All in all, not a toy line for me, but definitely a well-designed, compact, collectible one. And one of the cooler Happy Meal promotions for sure. While no longer available at McDonald's (of course), complete sets can be found through various venders on eBay and Amazon. Of course, I would never advocate buying a full set of any toy line as that would spoil the fun of collecting it!

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Nuno Mata said...

These are great!

I already have the set that came out in Europe and its was a blast to getthem around here! Everyone wanted these guys and some figures were really hard to get.

good luck in your hunt for these!

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