Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ultimate Muscle Blanko Figure Foto

Ultimate Muscle Sunigator Ultimate Muscle Sunigator

Ultimate Muscle Sunigator Ultimate Muscle Sunigator

Toy Line: Ultimate Muscle

Sculpt Name: Tyrannoclaw

Collector's Note: This has always been one of my favorite mini-figure sculpts. I'm glad to have finally set it free from its pigmenty prison! In actuality, the paint apps on this figure were pretty good. They never bothered me. However, I do still prefer this guy blank; especially with the rich, red color of the PVC, which appears to be the exact same red they used for the standard blank figs. Interestingly, this line does have sculpts that came from the factory painted and blank; however, this Sunigator sculpt was not one of them.

As you can see, my camera struggled a bit picking up the details due to the saturation of the deep red color. Check below for some Photoshopped pics which reveal better detail.

Ultimate Muscle Sunigator

Ultimate Muscle Sunigator

Ultimate Muscle Sunigator Ultimate Muscle Sunigator



nanoFatato said...

Cool little sculpt!

Soupie said...

Yeah, Ultimate Muscle is pretty underrated. The figures are made of hard PVC which is a turn-off for many North American collectors, I think.

However, there are a few cool sculpts in the line. I think about three, haha. The Sunigator sculpt above is my favorite, and one of my fav mini-figures ever.

fkro6784 said...

That is a very cool figure! I've never been a big fan of Ultimate Muscle, but I didn't even know that sculpt existed. I just have a handful of them.

URS said...

Dude! You didn't tell me you got this one cleaned off! He looks awesome! And here I have been passing up on all those extra UM figs over the years.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed one of the coolest figures of the bunch. I thought his name was "Tyrannoclaw" though. I remember Sunigator flexing while staring up at the sun, as if being powered by it. I could be wrong though, it's been awhile. Great share!

Soupie said...

I think you're correct, kind sir! Correction made.

In the original manga, the character Sunigator took on many forms; those forms are the various reptile-like Kinnikuman sculpts found MUSCLE and Ultimate Muscle.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Beast Wars Megatron.

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